Thursday, May 19, 2011

Welcome !

I've decided to try and post a photo a day, some may be current, some may be from the past. I am definitely not the greatest with a camera, point and shoot, that's me. Currently my camera is a Sony Cybershot 6.0 mega pixels. It seems to work when it wants. I'm thinking the lithium ion battery may need replacing as it is always needing to be re-charged. At $70.00 for the battery I'll stick to charging it every day. Plus I do have a "free" one on it's way and if it is not to my liking then I'll buy a new one. Hope you like my first "daily focus" above. It was taken a few weeks ago, on one of those rare sunny days. I was driving behind this truck and thought it looked cute, so when we were stopped at a red light I snapped quickly. I didn't get the name on the truck but it was for a dairy farm. Guess that's pretty obvious :)